The 6th N.H.V.I. Co. E,

Founded in 1995 by then 1st Sgt Michael Sebor,

We are a nonprofit, tax-exempt historical association,
chartered under the laws of the State of New
Hampshire and compliant with the regulations of the
Federal government.

We proudly portray the identity of the 6th New
Hampshire Regiment of Volunteers Company E, who
were recruited from the Monadnock Region of New
Hampshire and mustered in November, 1861.

They trained and encamped at the Fair Grounds in
Keene, New Hampshire, and fought extensively
throughout the war.

We are the ONLY regiment representing the 6th New
Hampshire Volunteers strongly committed to
promoting it's history throughout it's original home
county and state.

This Association’s mission is to accurately portray the
culture, equipment and history of Federal soldiers and
civilians involved with the War of the Rebellion, while
educating, enlightening, and preserving it's heritage
for the public.
July 2013 Gettysburg PA

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We are a progressive group of
reenactor's that strive to portray
soldiers and civilians of the
American Civil War in an
accurate manner.

At the same time we are in this
hobby to promote part of our
nation's rich history and have
fun doing it.

We participate in living history
time-lines, some of the typical
reenactments as well as more
campaign orientated events that
tend to be more rewarding for

If you have an interest in the
Civil War, whether it be as a
soldier or civilian feel free to
contact us and see if the 6th NH
is for you.

Our civilians often participate
and camp in the Town of Unity.
An area at events set aside for

Within the town there is Mayor, a
post office, sheriff, general
store, pub as well as dwelling
places for non- military families
of both US and CS sympathies.

There are often many activities
in town as well as planned
scenario's that interact with the

You will find the soldiers on the
company street or tucked away
in bivouac off in the shade of
the wood line.

We hope you will join us.
Music on this
website by 119th NY
Field Music and the
2nd South Carolina
String Band
2004 Memorial Day Keene NH
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Image by Robert Szabo
The 6th NH is in need of
new flags. We have
secured a vendor that will
make them for us. The
Regimental Flag is nearly
$3600 and the Federal
Flag is over $2000.

If you would like to help
us continue our mission
of accurately representing
the original soldiers of the
6th NH and our great state
of New Hampshire please
consider a tax deductible
donation to the Bully Sixth!

Please make checks
payable to 6th N.H.V.I.
Co.E and mail to: P.O. Box
34 West Peterborough NH

We would be happy to
send you a signed receipt
for your donation.

Thank you in advance!